Many families reach out after the conclusion of the services to let us know how much our support and guidance meant to them in their time of need, and we’re honored to receive such heartfelt praise. We feel that these messages speak for themselves and we’d like to share them with you.

If you feel we’ve gone above and beyond in supporting you through this difficult time, or would simply like to reach out and say thanks, contact us to share your thoughts or submit a testimonial below. It means the world to us to hear from you and know that we’ve made a difference.

Submit a Testimonial

We would like to thank Jackie and the help that came to take care of Emris our rottie. She went above and beyond to help us. I know Emris would like you. We miss him every day.

Don and Deb Stull

June 12, 2024

Eighteen months have slipped passed since Jett Dog Fritz has left our family. I sincerely want to thank you with every inch of my heart. Your services were indescribably kind, sincere, and professional. We can't thank you enough for everything you did for us. Sincerely, the Fritz family.

Trisha Fritz

May 02, 2024

I’m not sure there are adequate words to convey my sincere appreciation for Jackie. Wow! She went above & beyond, genuine compassion, respect, professionalism & communication throughout the entire process. I never doubted for one moment that my beloved pet was being handled like it was her very own. That is a true gift in this day❤️ The world needs more Jackie’s and her commitment to caring for people at a very difficult time. Thank you barely seems adequate🐾


April 13, 2024

I knew weeks before that we were going to need services for Sophie and started researching. The thing that struck me about Groff was the there was not one bad review. Not one. Perfect 5.0. And the raves about Jackie. We chose Groff over our local one that’s 2 blocks from us based upon those findings. This reviews were an understatement. From the first contact until we picked Sophie back up, they were respectful and caring. They truly understand these are our family members and not just a pet. Jackie was so kind and helpful. Sam was as well. And the rest of the staff who took Sophie in with a great deal of care, and were ever so patient with us. It was a heartbreaking moment for all of us and they made it as easy as they could and didn’t add to the trauma. They answered any questions I had. They handled our girl with the same love and care that we did. If ever we have need of pet services again, this is the only place I will bring my babies to. And I will not hesitate to refer them. It eased my mind and heart to know Sophie was in good caring hands.


March 06, 2024

I can not express how sympathetic Jackie is! She worked with me and my girls when we suddenly lost my daughter golden retriever. She sat and listened. I'm beyond thankful for her help making this a little easier for my daughter. Jackie went above and beyond! I will always refer Jackie to anyone that is ever in need of services.

Elizabeth monk

January 24, 2024

I had 4 chihuahuas, Isabella, Chico, Jalapeño on a Stick, and Bandita. 2 were attacked by another family pet. One suffered traumatic brain injury, and the other had her eye torn out. The family pet who caused the damage was rehomed and is doing well. Isabella died on July 28th this year and broke my heart. Jackie was so comforting and sympathetic and took care of Isabella. August 26th this year my beloved Bandita died in her sleep, my heart is shattered, once again Jackie was there to console me in my traumatic loss. Though the experience of going through this is more heart breaking than I ever imagined, Jackie is wonderful and amazing. Thank you for being you!

Yvonne Young

August 30, 2023

I was on vacation this past Monday in Port Clinton, Ohio and my beloved cat Coal who was traveling with us passed away in the middle of the night. Not only was I devastated to lose her, but I had to scramble to find a pet crematorium before I had to leave that Friday. I called Groff Pet Crematorium to see if they could help. Jackie got back with me immediately. I was able to bring Coal in right away. When I met Jackie, she was very empathetic and completely put my mind at ease by reassuring me that Coal would be taken care of before I had to depart. She gently walked me through the process because she understood how traumatic this was for me. It was like a family member handling the situation for you. She was true to her word and Coal's arrangements were completed in a very timely manner. I've had many pets cremated over the years and I have never received the kind of compassion and kindness I received from Jackie. This is someone who truly loves animals. Not to mention the thoughtful mementos Jackie created for me as remembrances of Coal like an urn with her name on it, cards with her paw & nose prints as well as a locket of her fur. I love that and I have never received that from another pet crematorium. It's the thoughtful, little things she did that helped ease the pain of losing my fur baby. Not to mention Groff Pet Crematorium is very reasonably priced for the services they provide. I HIGHLY recommend their services. I give them a five star rating!

Laura Parks

August 21, 2023

We unexpectedly lost our 12 year old cat a few weeks ago. It was very heartbreaking for us. Jackie was wonderful to work with. She was so compassionate and caring. She was very easy to work with and truly cared about what we were going through. Smokey was treated with love and compassion. I highly recommend the wonderful services at Groff when you are dealing with difficult loss of a beloved pet.

Julie Kobasher

February 19, 2023

We lost our sweet 14 year old cocker spaniel, Molly over the July 4th weekend. We had never had a pet pass at home (and a holiday weekend to complicate matters) and were not quite sure how to handle the situation. Jackie was prompt at answering my questions and so kind to let me share stories of our Mollydog. We will always be thankful for Jackie's compassion and care.

Michele Mueller

August 02, 2022

The people who do their utmost best to make me and my precious little girl Chelsy Marie feel so welcomed and caring and to take care of their customers with the utmost full care and are very concerned way and take care of their customers the warmest, and gentlest of ways possible to make you feel comfortable when dealing with your deceased pets that I have ever dealt with and come across with their most sincere, caring, loving way possible and respect. I would recommend Groff Pet Care Cremation services ever and their prices are fair as well. I want to thank Jackie and her staff for helping me get through this process and with the trying time. I truly appreciate and very highly recommend this business to all for the care that they put into taking the extra care for especially for making my experience needed. 🤗❤👍💯

Candace E. Dalton

February 13, 2022

It would be nice if you would return phone calls. I’ve left messages 3 times with your answering service and come up to pick up my dog’s ashes twice. The first time we were assured the door would be unlocked and we could pick them up and the door was locked. The second time I came up during your regular hours and the place was deserted. I’m now left to wonder if I’m ever going to get her back. I sat in the parking lot for about 40 minutes awaiting either someone to come, or a return call and got neither before I left to make the 1/2 hour drive home.


October 08, 2021

Sadly I lost another beloved pet on January 6, 2021. I called Groff Pet Cremation and they took care of everything once again for me. The support I received from the staff, helped ease the heartache created by losing my Sasha, her ashes were ready the next day, included was a paw print with a card and also a nose print with an additional card. I was greeted by the same caring staff that have previously assisted me in this process, I can't say enough about the way Groff employees care about you and your pet, I feel the care they give you truly comes from their hearts, their compassion is unmatched, a warm thank you from me and from Sasha!

Vee Lynn Reed

January 09, 2021

I can't express how wonderful Groff was to me with the Pet Cremation, I lost 3 dogs this past year and each one of them I had cremated through Groff, they are so very kind, they included a foot print and a card with each of my sweet babies ashes, they are truly a caring business, its more than a business they actually care about your loss, I give them a 10 star review~

Vee Lynn Reed

November 19, 2020

Very polite comforting help when my Marley passed away. I highly recommend Groff pet loss. Thank you

Christine Mesenburg

February 17, 2019

Their attention to detail and compassion of their Pet Loss services is remarkable.

Rob Pfanner

January 29, 2019

I first reached out to Kelly back in October when I thought our dog, Sukie, was not going to live to see another day. Thankfully Sukie rallied and we had the honor of sharing her life with her for a couple more months... When she laid down on the couch for the last time on January 7 and slept peacefully away I called Kelly and she made arrangements to meet us even though it was probably 9 PM... I was a mess (I’m still slightly a mess). I don’t know what we would have done without Groff and Kelly’s ability to meet us that night. It’s such an emotional time and having someone to guide and help us meant the world to us.

Laura Barrett Bache

January 26, 2019

Groff Pet Loss Services-What a wonderful service you provide for our community! Kara, Kelly and Jeff were so kind and compassionate in the care of our cherished dog, Holly. We would recommend you to anyone who loses a cherished pet. Thank you! Joe & Phyllis Bransky

Phyllis Bransky

January 25, 2019

Groff Pet Loss Services has helped us with the loss of 3 beautiful pets in the past 2 years and I highly recommend them and the services they provide. Within a year, we lost our beloved Rose, a 15 year old Golden Retriever, her Sister, Dory weeks ago at age 14 and our 21 year old Ragdoll cat Amanda. Our hearts will never be the same and we cherish every sweet memory of each of our fur babies. We are forever grateful for the kindness given to us as such a sad time in our lives. Thank you Cindy and staff.

Barbara A. Smith

October 17, 2018

There are no words to express how thankful my family is for the kind and generous people at Groff. Our family experienced the loss of two dogs, one unexpectedly on a Sunday and the loss of my grandmother within a week. Groff was there for our family throughout all three losses and did an incredible job taking care of our loved ones we lost. Thank you so much again.

Megan Stookey

April 25, 2018

Thank you to Groff Pet Crematory Services. My wife and I lost our best four legged friend last weekend. Groff understands our relationship people have with their pets and gave us a very nice remembrance package. It's not easy losing our pup but Groff made it a little easier.

Andrew M. Gundlach

August 27, 2017

Groff Funeral Home staff was very compassionate in handling our cat Frisky's cremation. It was a great comfort to my daughter and myself. We love the paw print card and the rainbow bridge poem attached to it. I would suggest them to anybody who has the need for pet cremation.

Nancy Keller David

January 16, 2017

Thank you so much for such an amazing service. It made a really bad day, much easier.

Michelle Szekely

January 20, 2016

Thank you so much for the great care of Aspen. This has been very painful but your very kind words helped to give me comfort in my decision thanks again Kenny Majoy

Kenny Majoy

May 05, 2015

Thank you for taking care of our dear dog Hannah. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and kind words of sympathy.

Steve and Gail of Sandusky

Thank you so much for the great care of Sir Wendell. You have such a "gift" and truly a gentle spirit. Although my heart aches, you've made this whole process easier. God bless you and thank you.

Giovanni of Sandusky


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